Halloween In Today’s Society


Pumpkins light up the darkness during the night and is considered a Halloween tradition.

Jacklyne Rivera, Staff Writer

Majority of students still go trick or treating when they are in highschool. In my opinion I think trick or treating is still fun because it is a fun way to celebrate Halloween. 

Some students either stay home and watch scary movies and enjoy the night at home, go to Halloween parties or don’t celebrate at all. 

“I like to celebrate Halloween because it’s fun and I like to dress up with my friends and go trick or treating with my friends,” Leesa Lazaro (9). 

Over the years, Halloween has gotten better because I don’t get scared like I did when I was little. Now I can enjoy the spooky things because I’m not scared anymore.  Halloween has become one of my favorite days to celebrate.  

 Trick-or-treating is really fun now because you can go out with your friends. Another way highschoolers spend Halloween is that they stay home and watch movies to enjoy the night.  In my opinion, watching movies on Halloween is fun because you can gather your friends and hangout 

“It’s my favorite holiday because I’m able to dress up and don’t have to be perfect that day, I can be whatever I want to be, I celebrate by trick or treating and going to parties” Alexa Nunez (9).

I still like to dress up for Halloween because it is fun to do for Halloween.  Dressing up is not only for little kids because teenagers and adults still dress up for it. A lot of teenagers do a theme with their family or with their friends.  =

Themes are fun because you match with people you like to be with.  A lot of people also make their own costume. Making a costume is better than buying one because you can save money and it’s more fun to make it yourself. 

Halloween is now more fun because we could be out longer and enjoy the night with friends or family.