The End of the F***ing World


The main characters of the second season: Alyssa, James, and Bonnie. Photo courtesy of: Google Images

Esmeralda Rodriguez

The End of the F***ing World’s second season has finally been released on November 5, 2019. The main characters in this second season were: James, Alyssa, and now introducing Bonnie. This show really has an effect on the generation we have today which deals with relationships, fall downs, and as well as mental health.

“I mean the second season was shocking and I didn’t expect some of the things that occurred which left me wondering what would happen next. My favorite part of the show was when James and Alyssa told each other that they loved each other,” said Robert Quinones (12).

The show is mainly about two psychopaths (James and Alyssa) who end of falling in love with each other although they have their fall downs at times. In a way, this season sends out an important message which is: when you love someone so much and they pass, you have to move on from it and not hurt others because of it. 

“The show was good. I had my shocking moments and at one point I thought James and Alyssa had both died. My favorite part was when James was tucking Alyssa to sleep ( although she wasn’t really asleep but James thought she was) and he whispered to her that he loves her thinking she wasn’t going to hear it,” said Isaac Vasquez (11).

A new character of the name Bonnie took part of the second season which in this case she added tension to the show because, according to season one when James killed the professor (Clive Koch, Bonnie’s lover) she wanted revenge and wanted to kill both James and Alyssa. 

“I think my favorite part of the show is when they begin to fall for each other and I thought it was really good because it kind of was relatable but with a bunch of twists and turns within it,” said Frida Ramirez (11).