Rings on, black nails, and chains hanging from neck and pants: a typical E-boy.

Romina Ramirez

It’s all in the sense of style which is making up this new trend “e-boys.” Certain accessories are  what matters in this trend, which started the beginning of summer and has been a thing ever since. 

“I feel like they got to do what they gotta do, I personally don’t judge or anything, but if they like that, you know, that’s cool we all do things that benefit ourselves,” said Alan Santiago (11).

Many accessories are what makes an e-boy. Little things like certain earrings, chains, and rings, anything that makes their appearance better. The smallest details are important for e-boys because they want to express who they are. 

“E-boys creep me out sometimes, but they are very confident though they do look and seem very depressed. A typical e-boy for me is a boy who has black eyeshadow, painted nails, earrings, and dark clothing,” said Daniela Mendoza (10). 

During summer, this trend popped off and mostly every boy started following it. They paint their nails black and just wear all black in general. The inspiration is kind of an emo type, but adding different kinds of styles. This new trend is basically allowing boys to open and express themselves by their outfits. 

Monserrat Soria (12) said, “I think e-boys are different. There’s not really an average kind of guy, everyone is different. Nobody can really be judged because today the style is going back and forth like some people dress like from the 70s. It’s astonishing how they paint their nails and wear those chain but like i said it’s up to them and there pretty courageous for them to be different than everybody else.”