One of the first time a Friendsgiving was actually shown was on the show Friends, helping popularize the idea of Thanksgiving with your friend group. Photo courtesy of: Bustle

Alexa Perez

Segerstrom High School students can’t wait for Thanksgiving break to spend it with their families. However, before they go on break, many groups of friends celebrate this national holiday together and call it Friendsgiving.

“I love going out for Friendsgiving,” stated Kimberly Garibay (11), “we usually will all bring something to one of our friend’s house and it’s almost like a potluck but you get to celebrate the holiday beforehand.” 

What is Friendsgiving anyway? It is when friends go out to celebrate Thanksgiving before the holiday. Even though Thanksgiving is traditionally spent with family, many people want to take time to celebrate their friends as well. This is why they will invite their friends to eat or have a mini potluck.  It usually takes place the week before Thanksgiving. 

“Last year, my friends and I went to eat out on the Friday before break started. I love going with them and celebrating the holiday a bit early. Of course, there are a lot more ways to spend the holiday than just eating out. You can have a potluck or even order food and eat it all together with your friends,” said Alexandra Renteria (11).

Of course, there are several ways you can plan a Friendsgiving. For example, you can do the traditional potluck or you can even cook for all your friends and invite them as guests. Many students, however, like to go out to eat because it is the easiest way to get everyone together. 

“I would rather go out and eat because it is the easiest way to plan everything out. You can even take the food to someone’s place so it is a bit more traditional,” said Liliana Padilla (12).

All in all, Friendsgiving is a great way to spend some time with your friends before Thanksgiving rolls around this month. No matter how you spend that time, the laughs and the memories created from these events is what makes them even more fun than the food.