Harry Styles Announces His Second Solo Album ‘Fine Line’


All the things you need to know about Harry Styles new cover album. Photo courtesy of: Vice

Juliana Arreloa

 Fans of Harry Styles have been patiently waiting for his announcement and their wait is finally over next month. Harry Styles has announced the title and release date of his new upcoming album ‘Fine Line’ that comes out on December 13th. He also announced that he was going on tour with the album. 

Styles broke out the news on Twitter and Instagram. He had posted the album cover that features a fish-eye lens photo of Harry Styles wearing a pink button-up shirt and off-white high waisted trousers with a black hand gloved in leather reaching up from the edge of the frame towards him. The background cover behind him is neutral colors, such as pink and blue. 

Before ‘Fine Line’ was announced, he had released a single called “Lights Up,” which sounds slightly different from the rest of the songs he’s created. “Lights Up” has more of an electronic and pop sound than the usual classic rock of Styles. So far, the track has debuted on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Music artist Styles has successfully succeeded in becoming a solo debut in 2017 with his self titled albums. His lead single “Sign of Times” has premiered on the Billboard 200, and ranked on the Hot 100. About 1 million tickets were sold on the following tour.  

If Harry Styles follows up on the records he broke on the Billboard Hot 100 set by “Lights Up” with the rest of Fine Line, the pop sensation will successfully break into the singles chart.