A Place Like Home: K-Pop Club


The K-pop boy group VAV, debuting in 2015. Photo courtesy of: Snapchat

Pilar Hernandez

The K-pop Club at Segerstrom has been expanding. In the club, they talk about newly released music videos and dance to songs and so much more. The Clubs President, Nadia Tran, has been putting in the effort to make the club even more fun.

“The club takes up most of my time, as I need to plan for events, activities, and new topics to discuss for the next meeting, but I enjoy it because I get to express my joy for K-pop,” stated Nadia Tran (10).

The club focuses mostly on the new releases gaining traction around the K-pop community. They arrange everything, so it stays organized. The club is also a way to find new friends with the same interests. It also helps in unexpected ways, it can be a place where you can do what you enjoy. Not many people can freely say they like K-pop because others judge them for it.

“My confidence has built up and I always enjoy my time during meetings. A lot of laughter, memories, and interactions have been made,” indicated Jenny Hang (9).

The K-pop club can also show you ways to communicate more with people, the people in the club are of all different grades so you can even make friends with people outside of your grade. Once you get to know them more, they’d be able to help you in any situation.

“It’s nice to see other people who like K-pop. The K-pop club is a place where I can truly express myself. It’s a place where I can talk to people who may be older but have the same interests,” said Jenny Hang (9).

The president of the club, Nadia Tran, works full time in order to make the club exciting and entertaining. It takes a lot of effort but because of her passion for the club, she’s willing to give it her all. The K-pop club will expand as it goes so spread the news!.

“Being the president of the club was something I always wanted since freshman year, it takes a lot of responsibility, but when it comes to the K-pop club I would do anything,” said Nadia Tran (10).