Burkina Faso Terrorist Attacks


A church in Burkina Faso that was shot up during Monday’s terrorist attacks. Photo courtesy of: Khym54 via Flickr

Victor Martinez

On Sunday, the 1st of December, terrorists attacked a church in Burkina Faso which killed 14 people. The attacks took place in a small town called Hantoukoura and several other victims were wounded along with the 14 dead.

Organizations have yet to take responsibility for the attack. Officials have, however, linked the attacks to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

Many terrorist attacks have occurred in Burkina Faso since the start of 2017 and terrorism in the country. In fact, terrorism has in fact quadrupled. It was once seen as a very peaceful nation and not much terrorism occurred.

“The terrorism in the Middle East and surrounding questions has, quite frankly, gotten out of hand and it is very scary if it continues to spread,” said Jose Mendoza (10).

According to the UN (United Nations), roughly 500,000 have been displaced from their homes since violence increased in the small nation. Burkina Faso’s military is teaming up with the French to fight the revolt occurring in the nation recently.

“The Western powers should stop those who are committing these crimes, instead of selling them the weapons that they are using to kill the Christians,” said Bishop Justin Kiengeta.

Burkina Faso sits in the eastern central region of the African country, the region is currently a very violent place with nearby Libya undergoing political and religious tension due to the Libyan civil war which has been ongoing since 2014. Libya is nearby to Syria, Iraq, and Yemen which are all undergoing their own political and racial issues.

“People fleeing the violence report attacks on their villages by extremists who often forcibly recruit male residents at gunpoint, killing those who resist. Militants also stole cattle and other possessions,” said Babar Baloch of the UN.

The attacks were targeting Christian leaders and followers wearing crosses and other Christian symbols. The attacker who was of Muslim descent reportedly took orders to kill people of the Christian faith.

“It’s proven that they were looking for Christians, Families who hide Christians are killed. Arbinda had now lost in a total of no less than 100 people within six months.” a source told CBN news.