What is Better? Cyber Monday or Black Friday?


Shoppers on Black Friday entering Target. Shoppers on Black Friday entering Target. Photo Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons by Gridpro8

To give thanks to the people that shop at their store, holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are there to give discounts on items.

Right after Thanksgiving Day, comes Black Friday, which is a holiday that serves to give good deals on about everything you can imagine would be inside of a store. There’s discounts from things like refrigerators, to toys, and more. No matter what it is, there’s bound to be a discount if you look at the right place.

The week after Thanksgiving and Black Friday holds Cyber Monday. Although it’s a bit more technical, in that only anything to do with technology will be discounted rather than anything, it seems to be more focused on specific groups of people. For example, those that are interested in building a new computer, or want to buy themselves a monitor for their friend are likely to buy something now instead of last Friday.

Various opinions will of course, arise, on whether or not either holiday is superior. Personally, Black Friday beats out Cyber Monday. A lot more things are on sale instead of being focused on one specific area, which is electronics. Black Friday itself also has sales on electronics, but it isn’t as much as would be against Cyber Monday, as it’s all spread out among the store’s items.

Cyber Monday isn’t that helpful to regular shoppers, with its limited selection. Of course it has better discounts when it comes to any technology related things, but most of the time, shoppers would rather have other things to buy. 

All in all, if a person wants to buy something in general, Black Friday is the day to do some shopping. But if someone needs to buy things like computer parts, or monitors or anything of the sort, then Cyber Monday would fit in more than its rival holiday.