What are Tik Toks?

Alex Madrigal (12) getting many views on her last Tik Tok making her get recognized by others.

Alex Madrigal (12) getting many views on her last Tik Tok making her get recognized by others.

Romina Ramirez

Tik Tok is a famous app that many teens have been using for a while now. This app helps people with creative minds to show off what they got along with helping others show off their personalities. Tik Tok popped off earlier this year and many people have gotten famous due to Tik Tok and even some are getting paid. 

“I feel like Tik Toks are cool because it’s like a copy of Music.ly. I would make Tik Toks but not the cringy one the ones that are made on tik toks are pretty good,” said Darlene Romero (11).

It first started with the app Music.ly then it transitioned to Tik Tok. Basically both were the same it’s just Music.ly.was more about lip sync and more about music. But now on Tik Tok anyone can upload pretty much anything they want. Each video is only 15 seconds long so in those 15 seconds that’s where people can show off their ideas or just like life hacks. Or others can connect and all the clips and make 60 seconds. 

“They are funny sometimes and other times they are weird because of what there projecting. Then there’s those Tik Tok boys that think they are cute but they are honestly not. Overall Tik Tok is just a platform of entertainment and realizing your sense of humor is crap. Maybe I’d make one but I would have them private because I don’t want to get exposed,” said Mia Calvillo (11).

Tik Tok was originally supposed to be released in 2016 but didn’t get launched until 2017 by China developers. All Tik Toks are different some people talk like to record themselves dancing to some songs that are remixed or even just talk things about their life experiences because some people relate to others. Others like to show off some life hacks on how to cheat your way through things in life like in restaurants or during school. 

Isaac Vazquez (11) said, “Tik Tok can be fun at times, sometimes it’s just really boring. People just do whatever other Tik Tok users are doing and it’s boring watching the same thing over and over and maybe I would do a tik tok if I was really bored.” 

Due to this app many people have invested their time into the app Tik Tok. By spending hours just watching videos of people and some even spend hours trying to learn how to do a certain Tik Tok. In a way Tik Tok has a negative effect on people because it takes so much time out of their day. But some people do make some money out of their videos so in a way it does help them. 

“I choose to do a Tik Tok because i thought it was funny and I never thought would get recognized like it was just for my friends. My friends think it’s funny and they can’t believe and that I went viral like its just funny. If I can do a tik tok with any teacher it would be Mr. Fenwick and probably do like a dance with him,” said Alex Madrigal (12).