Disney+ or Netflix

Disney+ or Netflix, which ones better?

Disney+ or Netflix, which one’s better?

Rosaine Gomez

Disney+ is a new streaming service to watch movies. The movies on Disney+ are some of the top best movies you will see. Disney+ will stream movies that you cannot get on Netflix. Netflix has been around for a while now and most people have watched all the movies they could on that platform. On the other hand, Disney+ is new and shows Disney, Marvel, Pixar, etc. movies that are not always available to stream. 

“Disney+ has more choices and it basically brings back our childhood. It digs up memories we didn’t know we had because some of us know the entire Hannah Montana song and it shows,” said Mia Calvillo (11).

Disney+ is worth all the hype. You get movies and shows that aren’t available anywhere else because their Disney owned. Disney+ is a very straight forward app and easy to work with. Disney will charge you $6.99 a month. Netflix starts at $8.99 a month and it will give you different offers to pay more and get more access to movies. 

“I choose Netflix because I haven’t even used Disney+. Netflix has more movies that I like, so I just use that! As long as I’m entertained, there is no problem with it,” said Isaac Vazquez (11). 

Netflix is still trying to improve their service. They want to focus on improving the user’s experience by improving picture quality and better ways to review. They have different teams that work on the platform and they get different sections and that’s what they focus on. They get to discover new ideas for the pages and the main platform. 

“I like both because they have my favorite movies like from the 90s etc., but if I have to choose one it will be Disney+,” said Yadira Esquivel (11).