The Nutcracker Review


Bella Do stands proudly as Clara, holding her Nutcracker.

Avery Ngo

On December 7th, the Irvine Barclay Theater hosted the Nutcracker, a performance headed by the Festival Ballet Theatre. The main character, Clara, who is whisked away on a magical journey with her Nutcracker Prince, is played by Bella Do. Do is a sophomore at Segerstrom High School. 


Q: What role are you playing for the Nutcracker? 

A: I have had the privilege of playing Clara for the Nutcracker, a role that I never expected to be able to get. Clara is in almost every scene in the Nutcracker and is a position that is responsible for a lot. 

Q: What is it like performing the Nutcracker?

A: It is extremely fun, but very nerve wracking. When the curtains pull away and the entire audience just stares at you, it is hard not to feel pressure. But, hours and hours of practice make my arms and legs move based on muscle memory. The whole experience is unforgettable and a memory I will continue to carry for probably the rest of my life. 

Q:What is the team dynamic like?

A: It is very competitive. Ballet is a ruthless sport, and I understand that any of my fellow dancers would be willing to take my place in a heartbeat. We all pretend to be nice and supportive, but it is really all a facade. However, some of the dancers are genuinely nice, and I enjoy the long rehearsals with them. 

Q: What have you learned from performing this show?

A: I learned that there is no such thing as procrastination in ballet. When the curtain opens, perfection is expected. And perfection is only achievable with hours of practice. But, in the end, mistakes are inevitable. Therefore, one must try to enjoy it. 

Q: How would you advertise the Nutcracker to someone who is thinking about going?

A: It would be a very fun family experience. It is a tradition that everyone should be able to experience. The artistic wonder of ballet is beautiful and even emotionally-provoking. 

Q: How would you rate the performance overall compared to other productions?

A: I would rate 10 out of 10, but of course I have to say that because I am the lead. 

Q: What are some critiques you have with the show?

A: The show is a little lengthy. I think certain parts could be significantly shortened. Other than that the show is pretty good.