Christmas Decorations

Photo courtesy of: China Brands

Photo courtesy of: China Brands

Jacklyne Rivera

Christmas decorating can be a hassle to do because a lot of things may need to be hung up.  Lights outside of houses are dangerous to hang up because someone can fall or can hurt themselves, but Christmas decorations are worth it after all. 

The tree, lights, garland, ornaments are the top decorations people use to celebrate Christmas.  Christmas decorations are very pretty and people go above and beyond for their decorations. Decorating for Christmas is super fun because you get into the Christmas spirit.  

“Decorating is fun because once I have everything up I get more excited about Christmas.  I also like to decorate with my mom and dad because we do it together,” Karen Villegas (9).

Christmas decorating can be fun when you do it with other people because it’s easier and things get done faster.  

“I like to decorate with music in the background because it sets the christmas mood,”  Alexa Hernandez (9).

The traditional colors for Christmas decorations are white, green, red and sometimes colorful Christmas lights.  People also use metallic colors, golds, and silvers.  

Some decorations that people use for outside are wreaths for their door, lights on the roof and things that decorate the yard.  The traditional indoor decoration is a Christmas tree, adorned with lights, ornaments, and garland. For tree toppers they use a star, angle, or a bow.  

I like to decorate for Christmas because it brings so much joy and happiness.  It also gets me super excited for the holidays. The way that I like to decorate is adding little accents to my house and have a lot of ornaments on my tree.