Segerstrom Jaguars Being Festive

Ms. Qafiti’s Christmas tree

Ms. Qafiti’s Christmas tree

Izabella Altamirano

As Christmas comes near, classrooms and offices become brighter. Christmas trees, lights, bells, inflatable snowmen, and other decorations are filling Segerstrom with a festive atmosphere. More and more teachers are getting into the spirit by decorating, playing Christmas music, or giving out assignments that have to do with Christmas.

Ms. Qafaiti, an English teacher, has put up a Christmas tree and some decorative lights in her room. She sometimes plays Christmas music to get her students into the Christmas spirit. 

Ms. Qafaiti said she decorated “…to make [her] classroom feel like home.”

The discipline office has inflated a Christmas tree and added little stickies to their windows. They have an inflatable snowman, and Christmas tree, a Christmas tree with ornaments, and decorations hanging from the ceiling.  

Mr. Caroompas, a science teacher, has decorated his room by putting lights, winter theme, and also Disney-themed Christmas decorations. The one thing that makes his room stand out from the other classrooms is the ornaments hanging from the ceiling.

Mrs. Conferti, an English teacher, has decorated her room by putting up lights, a bell on the door, a mini Christmas tree with ornaments, and little stuffed elves around the room. The one thing that made the room stand out the most was the jingle of the bell when you open the door as you’re met with the colorful lights hanging across the whiteboard. 

Mrs. Conferti said, “I like to change the look of my classroom with the seasons and holidays. Students enjoy walking into a festive room.”

Ms. Qafiti’s Christmas tree
The Discipline office
Mr. Caroompas hanging ornaments
Mrs. Conferti’s colorful lights