Trump’s Impeachment

President Trump at one of his rallies. Photo courtesy of: CNN

President Trump at one of his rallies. Photo courtesy of: CNN

On December 18, 2019, the House of Representatives decided to impeach Donald Trump, making this the third impeachment trial in US history.

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump in the United States Senate began on January 16, 2020, and is still ongoing. Republicans are trying to prevent a fair trial that would reveal the truth about the Ukraine scandal. The lead House impeachment manager insisted that President Trump abused his power “to cheat” in the election.

“In my opinion, I don’t think President Trump will be impeached because he has too many supporters,” said Astrid Novoa (10).

The seven House impeachment managers have a period of 24 hours to up to three days to convince senators that Trump is guilty, then declare it for him to be removed from office. Trump’s legal defense team also has the same amount of time to come up with their own evidence on why he should stay in office.

“If Trump does get impeached, I think it would be better for us because he did break a lot of homes by getting a lot of people deported,” said Marlene Nava (10).

Trump’s impeachment trial will most likely last weeks. Since this will only be the third impeachment trial in the US, it will most likely make Trump’s reputation worse if he does get impeached. The trial could be over in two weeks, or it could last longer, depending on how much time is used by each side. 

“If Trump gets impeached, I don’t think the candidates for 2020 are any better. I mean Trump isn’t the best president, but the candidates couldn’t do better,” said Carlos Mora (11).