You: A Season 2 Sampler


Beth Dubber/Netflix

A snapshot from season two, Joe and Love standing together in Loves kitchen. Photo courtesy of: The Verge

The Netflix show, You, has come out with a season two, which premiered on December 26, 2019. The first season ended with all of its viewers holding onto the edge of their seats, the people demanded a part two of this odd-lot display of attraction. That’s exactly what they get going into season two of this sweetly psychotic series.   

“Season one was crazy good and I was disappointed when it ended. Thank God season two came out like three months later since I started watching the show in September, I think I don’t really remember. Anyways, I thought I had to wait a whole year to find out what happens,” says Saeed Perez (11).

After not doing too well on regular TV, the show You was added to Netflix in 2018. Starring Penn Badgley as the main character (Joe Goldberg) and Elizabeth Lail (Guinevere Beck) as the leading actress. This love story turned thriller continuously had viewers coming back for more of the erotically electric chemistry between Joe and Beck. 

Now back and better than ever, season 2 starts off with Joe fleeing to LA after his ex before Beck, Candace, shows up in his New York book conscious to his crimes made against Beck and even herself. Determined to bring Joe to justice, Candace reveals her intentions to turn him in. Joe then leaves to the one place he hates the most: Los Angeles, California. There, he gets a new alias (Will), a new apartment, and a new start.

”I like season two way more than I like season one because of Love, Love is a better fit for Joe I think and I don’t know, she just makes the show 10 times better,” says Mitzi García (10).

His new obsession Love (yes, her name is really Love) is this fun-loving, compelling, and mesmerizing girl he comes in contact with his first day in LA. Despite his efforts at a normal, no murderous life, Joe tries and stays away from Love as long as he can, but can’t deny himself what he wants and Love is exactly what he wants. He also believes he deserves it, and as proven before, he will do anything it takes to get what he wants.

Without giving too many spoilers, season 2 is filled with more melodramatic and tummy-tingling scenes that made season one so iconic. If you want to learn more about this addictive and delicious in-depth view of a true psychosexual mind and are interested in watching the hit show, go check it out on Netflix

“This really is the best show I’ve ever seen it’s really suspenseful, you literally ever know what’s gonna happen next I can’t wait for season three. Even though the ending had me a little upset,” says Angelica Garcia (11).You: A Season 2 Sampler