The Final Album

Mac Miller’s cover for his new album Circles

Mac Miller’s cover for his new album Circles

Malcolm James McCormick, commonly known as  Mac Miller, was an American hip-hop and R&B rapper, as well as a singer. His career began around 2007 at the age of 15 causing him to collect many titles within his career. He was known for working hard for his career and pushing himself to do what he was passionate about, which ended up making his net worth an estimated $9 million. He was a self-taught musician and at the young age of 6, he was able to play 4 instruments. 

According to  Wikipedia, he began taking Promethazine in 2012 and later that year became addicted to lean, but  in 2017 he was sober, which he said was “living regularly.” However, in 2018, he did start using drugs again on a daily basis. He struggled with substance abuse and depression, which he would express in his music. 

“Listening to his new album was weird for me because he isn’t here anymore, but listening to it made me happy in a sense that his music still lives on,” Dominic Roldan  (9).

Mac Miller released an album titled Swimming in 2018, but still had work that was left unfinished up until his untimely death. He was working on his 6th album Circles that was released by Warner Brothers on January 17, 2020, which gave his friends, family and loved ones, including fans, closure for this sudden death. 

His number one song off his album is “Good News” which gives a calming and relaxing vibe that makes you just be free and at peace. Another number one song is “Blue World,” which speaks to everyone saying that things can be crazy and rough at times but things happen and to move on from it. 

“My favorite song from Mac Miller’s new album is ‘Blue World.’ The whole beat of the song is sick and I enjoy the rest of the song because it states that this world is hectic and all that chaos can be thrown out if you just push it aside and continue. The album itself is really good because I feel like it is the ending of his story and makes us feel like he is in a better place now,”  Carson Felix ( 11). 9

On September 7, 2018, Mac Miller was pronounced dead due to drug overdose. He was buried at Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh, his hometown. However, many of his fans were able to grieve.on September 11 in Pittsburgh Blue Side Park. Along with this, there was a concert on October 31, 2018, where many other artists performed in honor of Mac Miller.