After School Jaguars


The Afterschool Jags Program at around 5:00pm, several students still around near the end.

Starting directly after school, the After School Jags program is open to all students who want a place to hang out or do homework.

After School Jags is open almost every day, with the program only being closed on special days, such as during the end of the school year.

Located in the library, the program stays open up until 5:50pm on regular school days, and up to around either 3:00pm or 4:00pm during modified days. Students have to sign up at the front on the clipboards they provide up front, which helps keep track of the amount of students, and gives statistics on whether or not the program is needed. 

Jessica Correa, one of the staff members, said, “It’s just a drop-in program, so you don’t have to come in every single day. Some days you come in, and other days you don’t, if you don’t need it.”

While being a place for students to stay after school, around 3:45pm on regular days, staff members give out free snacks to anyone that already signed in to the program. The snack varies each day, but mostly run on a consistent weekly basis. It consists around either white or chocolate milk, with a rotating selection of vegetables and fruits, and the snack itself, which could be things like cereal, graham crackers, muffins, etc.

The Afterschool Jags program also offers a few clubs, namely the Polynesian Dance club, and Jam Session club. Both clubs, along with Maker Space, are usually open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, following the schedule of After School Jags.

Aside from the few clubs that are being offered, at the back of the library, the program also opens up the “Teen Center,” an alternate place for students to hang out without staying in the library itself.

Vanessa Avila, the boss of After School Jags, or the site coordinator, says, “The Teen Center is a safe space for any and all students to come and meet new people, relax, play games and be creative. We also host events in our program every now and then such as karaoke nights, movie nights, trivia nights, and paint nights.”