Review: Ten Comics To Read Over Winter Break

Display of several books from the list, from left to right: Goodnight
Punpun, Shiver, Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me, and Check Please. Photo Courtesy of: Dylan Gudino
December 14, 2020

With a virus that has left people to stay indoors for the year of 2020 and winter break being just around the corner for many students, it seems like the perfect time to watch movies and shows, try to...

Best Ways to Celebrate the Holidays During Quarantine in Orange County

Roger’s Gardens offers some of the prettiest Christmas decorations and trees in Southern California. Photo Courtesy of: Roger’s Gardens
November 22, 2020

It has been 8 months since President Trump has declared COVID-19 a national emergency, and the number of cases and deaths have also increased. Just this week, Governor Gavin Newsom decided to move Orange...

Living in an Empty World

Living in an Empty World
A Photo Collection
March 26, 2020


The Pros Know

Photographers and journalists from various organizations at the Bernie press conference.
March 2, 2020

People always say, “push yourself because no one else is going to push you.” For beginners in the journalism field, sometimes you just have to go and put your foot in the door with the professionals. On...

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Nicole Cortes (12) shows off her latest cookie purchase.
February 7, 2020

Between January and April, Girl Scouts from all across America come together for their most popular fundraiser, cookie selling. These cookies outsell any Boy Scout popcorn or Girl Scout candies. Cookie...

What do you plan to do over winter break?

What do you plan to do over winter break?
December 18, 2019

What do you plan to do over winter break? Relax and celebrate with friends and family.  Go skiing/skateboarding.  Go out of town.  Other.  Survey Results:  15 people 5 people ...

Features Teens Dislike About Themselves

The feeling of not being pretty and needing makeup. Photo courtesy of: Google Images
December 18, 2019

Many people develop insecurities due to certain features they hate about themselves. For example, there are teens who dislike their body because they are overweight or because they are underweight and...

Mental Health Issues are Human Issues

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is accessible to the public. Photo courtesy of: Kink.fm
December 9, 2019

This year many people, specifically teens, have felt a sense of deep sadness. In other words they might have been feeling depressed or they actually have depression. Depression is a mental health disorder...

The Poppy War Book Review

The Poppy War Book Review
October 29, 2019

Rating: 5 Stars  With her simple yet beautiful prose, R.F. Kuang weaves together a stunningly imaginative world marked with political intrigue, a magical boarding school nostalgically familiar, and...

What Are You Doing for Halloween?

What Are You Doing for Halloween?
October 29, 2019

Halloween— A holiday where people dress up and pretend to be something that there not. Halloween can be celebrated many different ways:  you can go to parties, trick-or-treat with friends, or even stay...

The Hating Game Review

Photo courtesy of: Amazon
October 10, 2019

Predictable and entirely cliche plot? Check. Unrealistically adorable, feisty female main character loved by all? Check. Brooding yet sensitive male main character with daddy issues? Check. More...

Studying Tips and Tricks

Eva Ledesma, an 11th grader at Segerstrom, diligently studies for her math class by solving problems in her notebook.
October 6, 2019
It is understood that the arrival of an upcoming school year coincides with the construction of new goals, study plans, and habits. There are several tips and tricks that all students should know.
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