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Graduating senior Jai Berrelleza served as the cameraman for The Jag Journals Word on the Street production.

Senior Sendoff #Classof2023: Jai Berrelleza

Hector Gomez, Staff Photographer, Photojournalist
May 26, 2023
Ethan Cardenas is a staff writer and copy editor for The Jag Journal this year.

Senior Sendoff #Classof2023: Ethan Cardenas

Fernando Torres Catalan, Word on the Street Host, Staff Writer
May 25, 2023
Maxwell Reed joined The Jag Journal team this year as a staff writer for the newspaper.

Senior Sendoff #Classof2023: Maxwell Reed

Bushra Syed, Editor-in-chief of Print Media
May 23, 2023
Luis Gutierrez, who managed video and audio engineering for video projects on The Jag Journal, is a graduating senior at Segerstrom High School.

Senior Sendoff #Classof2023: Luis Gutierrez

Miley Guerrero, Word on the Street Scriptwriter, Pollster
May 22, 2023

ASB: Behind the Scenes

The Jag Journal Video Production Team
May 21, 2023
Graduating senior Lilliana Ibarra Cazas joined The Jag Journal this year as a copy editor and one of the first podcast hosts.

Senior Sendoff #Classof2023: Liliana Ibarra Cazas

Kaylie Amaya, Instagram Editor, Podcast Producer
May 21, 2023
Jackie Rivera, who is a graduating senior this year, enjoys hanging out with her friends, working at Disneyland, and shopping.

Senior Sendoff #Classof2023: Jacklyne Rivera

Alondra Cifuentes, Editor-in-chief of Digital Media
May 20, 2023
Mauricio Herrera Cruz has been in The Jag Journal program since the beginning of his senior year as a copy editor and staff writer.

Senior Sendoff #Classof2023: Mauricio Herrera Cruz

Daniel Ramirez, Instagram Assistant, Staff Writer
May 19, 2023
This year alone, Antonia Mendoza has made many important contributions to The Jag Journal, including the designing of the logo on The Jag Journal website.

Senior Sendoff #Classof2023: Antonia Mendoza

Bushra Syed, Editor-in-chief of Print Media
May 19, 2023
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