Crystal pictured for The Jag Journal staff photo.  Photo courtesy of: Crystal Gudino

Crystal Gudino, Staff Writer

Crystal Gudino is a senior and a staff writer (as well as a cartoonist) of The Jag Journal, someone who thinks watching Sonic The Movie in theaters before 2020 hit the world like a truck, was absolutely where they peaked in life. In their spare time, they are either spending time drawing twenty-four seven or hopelessly waiting for the Yakuza game franchise to finally release Ishin to the West, which they know won’t be happening anytime soon. But hey, a kid can dream. Their favorite horror parody film is tied between The Babysitter: Killer Queen (no, they somehow never watched the first one) and Secrets In The Hot Spring. And their brain? Why, if they’re not forgetting something five seconds after it happens, they’re clearly a top-tier clone or something.

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